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A three wheeler is a vehicle with three wheels, either "human or people-powered vehicles" or motorized vehicles in the form of a motorcycle, ATV or automobile. Other names for three wheelers include Trikes, Tricars and Cyclecars. The term Tricycle is used somewhat interchangeably, but the term three-wheeler is more often applied to motor vehicles.

Many three-wheelers which exist in the form of motorcycle-based machines are often called trikes and often have the front single wheel and mechanics similar to that of a motorcycle and the rear axle similar to that of a car. Three-wheeled automobiles can have either one wheel at the back and two at the front or one wheel at the front and two at the back.

Three-wheeler cars, usually micro cars, are often built for economy reasons, or as was the case in the UK, to take advantage of tax advantages, or as in the US to take advantage of the lower safety regulations, they are being classed as motorcycles. As a result of their light construction and often relaxed pollution requirements, leading to higher efficiency, three-wheeled cars are usually very economical to run.

An Auto rickshaw (auto or rickshaw in popular parlance) is a vehicle for hire that is one of the chief modes of transport in India and Pakistan as well as Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Sudan, and is popular in many other countries. It is a motorized version of the traditional rickshaw, a small three-wheeled cart driven by a person.

A small number of auto rickshaws can be seen on the streets of China Town in London, although used mainly by tourists and not the local population. The auto rickshaw is also related to its Thai, Lao, Cambodian cousins and in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, whereas in Brighton, England auto rickshaws are called tuctucs.

Vehicle Overview:
An auto rickshaw, or simply just rickshaw, is generally characterized by a tin/iron body resting on three small wheels (one in front, two on the rear), a small cabin for the driver in the front and seating for three in the rear. Autos are generally fitted with a Diesel or Petrol version of a two stroke or four stroke engine with a handlebar for control (like scooters) instead of a steering wheel, effectively making them a three-wheeler scooter carrying passengers on the rear seat. Or there will be a specially designed body structure for various applications.

Auto rickshaws are extremely light vehicles considering their capacity. When they break down, only two or three drivers are required to fully lift them off the ground and they can be easily pushed by one driver.

Auto Rickshaws in India:
Majority of Indian auto rickshaws have no doors or seatbelts. They are generally black or green in color and have a yellow or black roof on the top. However the design normally depends on the location (state) of the patrol, and so does the color. For example the sides of an auto in Delhi are green (to signify their running on compressed natural gas); while in Hyderabad and Chennai they are yellow. Their design varies considerably from place to place. In some locations, they have an extra plank on the seat to accommodate a fourth passenger. In reality it is not uncommon to see 6-8 passengers in an auto rickshaw with such an ad hoc setup, although, in theory, autos risk fines for carrying more than three passengers in many places. Auto rickshaws that are used for driving children to school have two extra seats/planks like narrow ledges, one facing the main seating space and one to the side. Such auto rickshaws may jam-pack up to 20 children to school.

As a mode of transport, the auto rickshaw is turning out to be a major employer in India. All major nationalized banks of India offer loans to buy one under self-employment schemes. Not restricted to cities, auto rickshaws are also prevalent in large numbers in Indian villages and in the countryside.

There is an initial charge at the beginning of a ride then the price normally increases in proportion to the distance. It is mandatory that the initial charge be set at a value given by the government. However, it is rather common to find auto rickshaw drivers refusing to go "by the meter" and charging higher rates before allowing the commuter to board. For rainy conditions, some autos have plastic coverings.

Fuel efficiency and Pollution:
Auto Rickshaw designed by our company is eco friendly and is meeting BSII emission norms set by Indian Government, which is equivalent to EURO II norms for pollution. Typical mileage for our auto rickshaw is around 23 kilometers per liter of petrol (about 4.9 L per 100 km, or 65 miles per gallon). And for Diesel it is 35 Kilometer per liter.

Traffic Solution:
Most of the cities of any country are historical and more populated with narrow lanes. Big vehicles like car and buses create traffic jam and parking places is also a major issue in the central areas of city. Auto rickshaws have a top-speed of around 50 km/h (about 31 mph) and a cruising speed of around 35 km/h (22 mph). Three wheelers occupy minimum space due to its size. The triangular form of the auto also makes maneuvering easy, with the front single wheel negotiating the available gap, and the rear two wheels forcing a larger space. Moreover three wheelers have minimum turning radius which helps three wheeler to turn around in narrow lens. It makes easier to rush in heavy traffic areas.

Employment Generation:
There is tremendous opportunity in three wheeler business to generate employment. In India, central government and state government are running special program for purchase of three wheeler aided by subsidy.

Another employment generation from three wheelers is for mechanics and garage owners. For marketing people, for financing and recovery business etc.

Three wheelers are best suitable for young generation to having own business and income source. In India one family can easily survive from the income from three wheeler that's why three wheelers are most popular in India.

Three wheelers are also less fuel consumed vehicles as compared to other vehicles, which will serve nation by fuel saving.

These vehicles have less capital investment as compared to other vehicles and running cost is also less and it is the cheapest mean of public and goods transportation.

Various Applications:

Passenger Carrier

Passenger Carrier

1. Passenger Carrier:
This version is mainly for maneuvering passengers in city as well as ruler areas where public transport is not easily available. It comes with two models to carry 5 passenger plus driver or three passenger plus driver. Both versions are as per attached photo beside.

These passenger carriers are also used for following application.

A, Chartered and school autos:
Chartered auto services, where the auto rickshaw drivers caters to the hirer at a fixed time every day are also common, especially to ferry children on their trips to and from school, in major cities. Such autos often have tailor made arrangements for extra seating. Children squeezed tight with their school bags in the gaps are a typical characteristic of these autos. Sometimes, such chartered autos violate traffic rules flagrantly by overloading the passenger area with uncomplaining and playful kids - and this has often led to the autos meeting with minor to fatal accidents, which has prompted stricter control and vigilance by parents and traffic authorities.

B, Slogans and advertisements on rickshaws:
Auto rickshaw drivers flaunt their affection for film stars, sport stars and political leaders by putting posters of them on both auto interiors and exteriors.

Autos also feature commercials on the back of their canopies. Certain autos are equipped with locally made music systems that play tracks from latest musical hits in volumes above normal levels.

C, Share Autos:
These passenger carrier autos are also used to carry more passengers.

Auto rickshaws have been used in India to carry more passengers and are called share autos. Office commuters find this version more economical since the fare is shared by more people. Competition among 'share' auto-wallahs has led to the virtual standardization of fare per passenger based on their destination. These large share autos shuttle over a distance of 10 to 15 km to gather a substantial number of commuters. Shared autos play an important role in transporting urban India, where state organized public transport, while not quite crippled, is congested to a point of extreme unreliability, especially during peak hours. Or connecting the sub-urban areas where state owned transport facilities are very few and infrequent.

2, Load Carriers:
A, Standard Load Carrier:
These autos are used for carrying various type of goods like any raw material, finished product, agricultural products and any type of goods etc. Other application of this vehicle is for demonstration and advertising purpose as shown in following pictures.

Standard Load Carrier Standard Load Carrier
Angle Body Load Carrier B, Angle Body Load Carrier:
These vehicles are used for carrying load which in light weight but high in volume.
Delivery Van C, Delivery Van:
These vehicles are closed body vehicles built for carrying food items and other goods which are weather affected like bread, biscuits, potato chips and other bakery items.
Chicken Carrier D, Chicken Carrier:
These vehicles are specially designed to carry chickens from one place to other place.
Bottle or cane carrier E, Bottle or cane carrier:
These vehicles are designed for soft drink, bottles and various types of cans.
Mobile Shop F, Mobile Shop:
These vehicles are specially used as a mobile shop like fruit, ice cream parlor, cosmetic material shop and any other house hold or food will be suitable as mobile shop.
Tanker G, Tanker:
This version is suitable for transportation of liquid like Water, Diesel, and Oil etc.
Hydraulic Tripper H, Hydraulic Tripper:
This vehicle is best suitable to carry construction material.

More then these applications our company can built special purpose vehicle like modified suitable vehicles for handicap people etc. This will help to retired miletry service man and other people to having their own source of income.

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