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The world has started recognizing the quality of Indian raw cotton and is buying more and more of it from India. We export wide variety of International Standard cotton procured from the finest manufacturers. We offer:

• Coarse Staple: Desi, V797, J-34, Lra, Y1, Jaydhar.
• Medium Staple: Shankar-6, Mech-1, Bunny-Brahma.
• Extra Long Staple: DCH 32, Mcu 5, Suvin and many others.

Indian Cotton offers many advantages, such as:
• Low Neps
• Good Dye Absorption
• Relatively Better Priced
• Good Luster



Seed Cotton Conditioning and Cleaning
Cottonseeds with fiber still attached, usually arrive at the gin in large trailers or modules used for hauling it from the field and for storing it until ready for ginning. From the storage area, conveyor pipes transfer it to various stages of the ginning process, using large volumes of air to make the flow of the cotton easier and faster.

A cylinder cleaner then removes the leaves and other small trash from the seed cotton by shaking it with spiked cylinders, while conveying it across a screen with small openings that sift the trash released from the seed cotton by the impact action of the cylinders.

Next, a stick machine removes any large sticks or hulls (the dried bolls that form a shell around cotton as it grows) with revolving channel saws. These saws grab the seed cotton and whip it over metal bars to sling off its trash. If the seed cotton requires additional drying and cleaning, gins will often run it through another drier and another cylinder cleaner and stick machine.

Mechanical harvesters have made seed cotton drying and cleaning necessary. Although mechanical harvesting is much faster than hand harvesting, but mechanical harvesters also pick more trash with the cotton, which usually contains a high amount of moisture. Trash, as well as moisture, can adversely affect the quality of the fiber and lead to costly operating and processing expenses at the gin and at the textile mill.

To prevent fiber damage and to facilitate ginning, gins try to balance the moisture content in the seed cotton during drying, so that it is neither too wet or too dry. To add moisture to it with a special humidifier that blows warm, humid air through the gin's conveyor pipes.


Ginning the Seed Cotton
The seed cotton is now ready for ginning. Pima cotton is conveyed to the roller gin, while upland cottons are conveyed to the saw gin for separation of seed and fiber. After being ginned, the cotton fiber is often referred to as lint.

Lint Cleaning
Lint cleaners remove the small trash from the ginned lint left behind by the cylinder cleaner and stick machines. Saw-lint cleaners grab the lint with a cylinder saw and whip it over metal bars to dislodge its trash. Lint cleaning of roller ginned cotton usually involves a combination of three machines: a cylinder cleaner, an impact cleaner which uses cylinders to agitate and release the trash from the lint, and an air-jet cleaner which removes the trash from the lint using high velocity air.

Packaging the Lint
In the final stage, a bale press compresses the ginned lint into bales that weigh between 160 to 165 Kg. The bales are then wrapped with a protective cover, ready for delivery to the warehouse where they are sold to various textile mills.


We are in field of agro commodities since more then 40 year. We are one of most reputed name in field of agro commodities.

We deal in sankar-6 raw cotton. We are from Rajkot (Gujarat). Prime area of Sankar-6 Raw cotton. And we offer verious type of quality as per customers requirement.

Also exports Indian peanuts verious count. 40/50, 50/60, 60/70 , 70/80. We exports in jute bag as well as veccume packing.

Dehydrated Onion
We exports quaity dehyderate onion:
Onion Chopped
Onion Minced
Onion Kibbled
Onion powder.
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