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DEE INDIA OVERSEAS, RAJKOT. is a reputed firm dealing with Agro commodities and Automobile & Engineering Parts Products. We are in this field for a span of nearly 35 years. For agro commodities our business is supported by an established network and contacts with all villages taking various crops. COTTON is the most popular crop and Saurashtra is the chief source for quality Product in the field.

Referring to Industrial machinery, DEE INDIA OVERSEAS ,deals with the basic to the heavy machinery in the field of automobile and other industrial parts. We have fully modernized and professionally experienced men and machine to operate the export house services. In short we cater all possible services required for overseas business with perfect satisfaction to the valued customers. We believe in total commitment and very prompt response to the customers.

DIVYESH GROUP, founded earlier by Mr. Babulal Aghera and very effectively led the business until 1966. Mr. DIVYESH AGHERA , the present Head and the Torch bearer of the DEE INDIA OVERSEAS is a qualified CEO having very human and philanthropic touch.

DEE INDIA OVERSEAS is having multiple business interests at its credit.

To note the Agro products, DEE INDIA OVERSEAS deals in,
1 Raw Cotton
2 Onion and Garlics
4 Peanuts
5 Seasame seeds
6 Red chilly powder

Raw cotton as the main product, we pay enough consideration
To note a few
1 Automobile & Engineering Parts
2 Cam shaft
3 Engine valve
4 Rockers

DEE INDIA, is having live and personal relationship with all Leading farmers producing good quality cotton.

This Company puts in the best efforts through Surveys in the region little before the monsoon season. The quality checks right from the seeding stage and later the progress is also taken into account We also prepare an estimate of the expected quota marking the quality.

We ensure the standard of the quality in the following manner
1. It is properly ensured that the cotton received is of high quality and totally contamination free.
2. At least one bale from a group of fifty bales is duly examined before the processing.
3. The ginning is properly supervised at automated plants.
4. Consistency is strictly observed at all level.

DIVYESH AGHERA has firmly insisted to maintain the traditions as far as VALUE is concerned.
1. Value in term of quality for the money.
2. Value in term of faith in business relations
3. Value in term of time, e. g. Time saving devices for speedy and immediate response
    to the customers for ultimate rewards.

For the knowledge of the customers, The C.E.O. of the Company Mr. DIVYESH AGHERA is a Chemical Engineer and also holding a diploma in plastic molding.

He is an expert in Yoga and Pranayama exercises equally helpful for running a sound business.


Dee India Overseas is a fastest growing export house from India. We provide complete solution to your automobile parts and textile industrial parts. The export house also provides access to India’s ethnic specialities such as acrylic bangles and rings. Dee India Overseas is primarily a merchant export house. It provides almost all the industrial parts from basic machinery parts to heavy machinery.

The company is new but not the group to which it belongs. Dee India Overseas is launched as a benchmark of the Divyesh Group. We have proved ourselves best in all the respective fields that we took on and the quest of completeness will continue with Dee India Overseas too.

We at Dee India Overseas, India have developed a highly organized system to export auto parts and textile industrial parts. The company is soon to plunge into Commodity selling and NRI Fund Management. We fully utilize our experience, established relationships with key suppliers and computer system to efficiently supply industrial needs in any volume. This system provides our customer access to many different products for many types of projects, at the most cost effective means possible.

It is the Mission of Dee India Overseas to grow with synergism in field of edible oils, securities and engineering and give it an edge above the rest by consistency in quality and cost. Dee India Overseas welcomes any related inquiry. We promise to respond promptly, with professional integrity, and a total commitment to quality and service.


Until 1966, Mr. Babulal Vashrambhai Aghera worked as a farmhand and also provided labourers to big landowners. In 1966, Mr. Babulal Vashrambhai Aghera hired an oil mill in Gondal with other three partners. However, the project could see the daylight it did not took off well. Mr. Aghera was the least educated among the four partners, yet with his foresight and administration skills he accepted the challenge and took the charge of the mill. With its success Mr. Aghera is considered as one of the pioneers in oil industry.

In 1974, Mr. Aghera took a step foreword and founded DIVYESH OIL MILL at Gondal. With his persistence, meticulousness and perfectionism, the group has been carrying a wide range of businesses including DIVYESH SECURITIES and ABBEY ENGINEERING. The core group includes his sons – Mr. Divyesh Aghera and Mr. Bharat Aghera, and Mr. B. M. Manwar. In its 40th year, the group is still run under Mr. Aghera’s strict four-point philosophy. He believed in…

Value for money – the customer should get what he is paying for,
Value of faith – employees and business associates should always be rewarded for their faith in the company, and
Value of customer’s time – Since its birth the group has never missed any deadline.
Reputation is the foundation.
Nothing replaces honesty in dealings and integrity of purpose
Commitment has been the key-word in company’s relationship with its customers.
Divyesh Group and associated companies have always made it a principle to honour customer’s needs. Their satisfaction with the quality of products and services has been the sole concern of Mr. Aghera.
  1 Mr. Divyesh B. Aghera
Qualifications: Chemical Eng., Diploma in Plastic Moulding and Extrusion
Mr. Divyesh looks after all the technical aspects of the companies and designs marketing strategies for the entire group.

He has designed and developed more than 50 products auto, textiles, and engineering products for Abbey Engineering. The range of products has been highly appreciated and extensively accepted by associates and customers. With his technical proficiency he has been taking

Mr. Divyesh has a philanthropic side too. He has, with his friends, formed a group that works for street children; especially rag pickers and orphans. The group lokks after all the basic necessities such as clothes, medical facilities and basic education for them.

He is an honourable member of Rotary club of Rajkot Midtawn – a club that was received recognition as the best club in entire district 3060. web:

He is a devoted practitioner of Yoga. He is Master of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (yogic breathing-pattern).

Mr. Aghera frequently holds workshops for Yoga and meditations. Hundreds of people have benefited from these training sessions. Recently he has been doing a research on Vedic healing methods i.e. breathing patterns and Yogasanas

  2 Mr. Bharatbhai B Aghera
  Post: Managing Director
  Qualifications: B. Com, L.L.B
  3 Mr. B. M. Manwar  
  Post: Finance Coordinator (Accountant)
  Qualifications: B. Com
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